Gwllgogoch Llanfair-fforch Railway

Welcome to the new home of the GLR information site. This site replaces the former msn site latterly at the now defunct Multiply.


Please note that the GLR is fictional and is something I have been working on for almost 25 years. Certainly the name was thought up in the mid-1970s, though the idea of a history didn't come until the early '80s. The current 'Boydish' effort on computer started in the mid '90s and involved a fair bit of research into the traffic flows and levels of the Festiniog and NWNG/WHR. The idea eventually is to build a layout, of either Aberyn Town or Llanfair-fforch set in 1972, the year we had a family holiday in North Wales during which we visited most of the narrow gauge lines in North Wales operating at that time.  Bernard Taylor, 009 member no.357, 14th July 1999

Well, here, four years later to the day, I'm publishing the GLR story as a 'public record'. Over the following months (and years?) I will put up more notes, pictures and drawings, both of the fictional GLR and, perhaps, some of my past efforts in 009. Oh, and I might build a portable exhibition layout based on Dol-y-ryn if I ever get round to building some stock. Hope you enjoy the journey!  14th July 2003 - opening of msn site

Another 4 years (where did they go?) and here's the new all-singing, all-dancing GLR site, started on 5th May 2007. More space means bigger pictures and navigation is much easier. If you like the site, please feel free to make an entry in the Guestbook.

I've just found an old notebook that gives an effective 'start' date for the GLR - 1971! So it's now over 40 years and I still haven't built a layout.
9th July 2015

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